What we develop

Objective1: To increase digital health literacy to increase the resilience of the disadvantaged group

Result 1:

  • Training programs aiming to increase digital health literacy will be organized
  • Awareness-raising campaigns will be organized
  • Brochures will be handed out to the participants who attended the training programs and relevant stakeholders
  • Each country will create an ebook about how to use digital tools on health in their own language
  • An Instagram and youtube channel will be created about how to find the right information and reliable sites on the internet while searching on health
  • A website including the official language of each partner country will be designed with the outputs collected from all countries at the end of the latest mobility. This website will be a kind of digital health guide for the digital health system of each partner country.

Objective 2: To get to know the digital health tools used across Europe

Result 2:

  • In each mobility, partners will introduce their digital health system and digital tools on the health of their countries to exchange good practices.
  • International congresses will be held where health professionals and other relevant stakeholders will be invited to